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Internold Networks was founded to be of service to current and future Network Engineers and to the Internetworking Industry as a whole by providing quality, relevant, and up-to-date info products (courses, articles, etc).

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Arnold Palmares, he is here to serve.

Network Engineer by profession and by heart. In the industry for more than 20 years where his main focus are on network design, planning, implementation, support as well as training and leadership.

Intends to share his experience and expertise through this media.

what they say about arnold ...

AS a teacher

He is a very good teacher ...

It was a pleasure to work with Arnold. He was a team player and individual contributor as well. He is a very good teacher, he encourages all the team members, he shares his knowledge to everyone and he is very polite. I have worked with him and have work under him, however I have enjoyed when we worked together and I have learnt a lot from Arnold. I still eager to work with him or under him.

He is a hard worker, good teacher, fast learner, he can handle any task such as technical or management related to him.

I liked work with him and if I get any chance to work with him in future, I am ready:).

Antony Soosai Fideli Senior Network Engineer

A very hardworking teacher who dedicate himself in helping students

Arnold is a good friend of mine. He is a very hardworking teacher who dedicate himself in helping students and always discovering new things to impart to his students and even to his colleagues.

An insightful educator, Arnold recognizes early on what is better for professionals like us. He goes out of his way to give extra help especially on his specialization, in ways that help people comprehend and remember how things will work.

Francisco D. Napalit College Dean

He is very knowledgeable (great teacher)

It was one of the best moments getting to know Arnold and working with him. He is very knowledgeable (great teacher) and dedicated towards his job. And a very humble person as well.

Arnold is a great leader.He would built your confidence, motivate and guide you to succeed in your career.

Thevan Network Engineer

He is a good trainer too, he used to be a lecturer

Arnold is my senior, mentor, leader and manager. He never quit even if he is in difficult situation, he always work smart and bring new idea to the team. Whenever we need assistance, regardless technical or management, he always do his best to help. He is also a loyal person, he is working with HP for very long time. When I knew him, he is a DTS (Deep technical support) then promoted to IPL (Implementation Project Lead), afterwards became Service Lead in HP, and finally a Manager.

He will be an asset to any company he is working with, words are unable to describe how good he is, but time always prove we are right about him.

He is a good trainer too, he used to be a lecturer. He always listen to others before making desicion.

He is one of the best leader I ever had.

Ching Swee Keong Implementation Project Lead

Arnold have great knowledge about network

Arnold have great knowledge about network, rest assured you are in good hands when attending his class.

He is a well organized person, with great ability to present any solution and at the same time provide detailed explanation.

Tee Network Implementation Project Lead

Very dependable colleague and has mastery of his stuff

Superb. Arnold is a very dependable colleague and has mastery of his stuff.

Arnold can fit in into any role. Of all the persons I know, he has the best working ethics and has the focus to finish the task assigned to him.

He is also known for his tips and tricks.

Peterson Amar Senior Network Architect

He is patient when it comes to his students learning

I have a work closely with Arnold in some projects and I can say he is very professional in handling different cases and technical problems that come along the way. In terms of his teaching skills, he is patient when it comes to his students learning. He can adapt and adjust based on the current knowledge and understanding level of the person.

Arnold is one of my mentor in my professional career as well as in my personal life. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning network technologies in taking his class.

Ronnel Palmares Project Engineer

He is a real good educator, it comes naturally from him

Sir Pal as we call him is very accommodating. He was our L3 team mate while we were at HP Malaysia. Every time we faced difficult tasks he easily offers a helping hand and clearly explains what is needed to be done. He is a real good educator, it comes naturally from him.

Sir Pal is very versatile when it comes to the IT realm. He has very sound IT skills.

Sir Pal is very easy to work with and such a nice person with always having a positive attitude at every situation.

Bernard Plagata Commissioning Engineer Airbus

It's not just about passing the exam but understanding the principles behind

He clearly explains everything! With sir Pal, you won't go wrong.

Just trust your self and have faith in him, and sir Pal will do the rest.

Sir Pal gave the best materials and tools in making me ready for the CCNA Examination. It's not just about passing the exam but understanding the principles behind.

Michael Maglanque Network Administrator

He is one of those few and elite I.T. professionals that I know

In more than 10yrs. that I have personally known Mr. Arnold Palmares, with 5yrs. of those on professional level, as former colleague in one of our previous offshore work assignment. I admire him for his professionalism, dedication and expertise on his field of specialization which is Network design, administration, deployment and support to name a few.

He is one of those few and elite I.T. professionals that I know, who was able to achieve success in both fields at a high level, such as in the academe, being a former college instructor, and in the industry as a Network Engineer. Thus, giving him a solid background in theory and actual applications in his field of expertise.

As observed, part of his method of teaching also includes continuous research and innovative approach, by taking advantage of latest available technology to keep abreast with the trends and demands in the industry.

As a person, his drive, focus and passion to achieve his goals, both personal and professional level is remarkable and has been an inspiration to others as well, as he always ensures that it is for the greater benefit of the others, particularly for his family, and in helping the community as well.

Renato C. Blanco Systems Engineer

AS A leader

A good human being, role model for the team

It was a great experience to work with Arnold. I worked under his supervision for more than a year, during that time I learned a lot on how to develop management skills, team spirit, make one's self as an volunteer.

A perfect person, a good human being, role model for the team management.

Glad to be in his team for a year, those year is meaningful to my life.

Singaravelan Manimaran Network engineer

Arnold is one of the best colleague I have ever worked with

I can very confidently say Arnold is one of the best colleague I have ever worked with. Very hard working, punctual, exemplary by his work and dealing with others, very good balance he shows doing multi tasking.

Many good qualities this man holds , one will surely learn and will be inspired while working wit him.

As a leader he is fare to all the colleague , has good resistance while cascading work pressure.

Nirmesh Joshi Tech Specialist, Security Compliance

He is the role model of what people called best employee

I've worked with Arnold in two different environment, but in same organization. First, we're team mate supporting the client, what I remembered most is his selfless attitude to provide guidance and dedication to his colleagues, apart from this he also aspireful for his career. Second time when we meet, he is my team manager. He embody what's the true meaning and example of leadership, through his relentless hard work, the team has achieve accomplishment one after another. In short, he is the role model of what people called Best employee.

Seeing Arnold in real life and have a inspire talk with him definitely will beneficial for you, from all aspects.

Highly recommend to those which aim higher !

Franco Hee Associate Manager

Great Team Lead / Manager with strong technical skill

Arnold has these characterictics:

Great Team Lead / Manager with strong technical skill
Very quick decision maker
Way of behavior
Strong Communication
Strong Technical Knowledge
Strong Documentation skill
Motivational speaker

Dhesingu Raja Network Engineer

A humble man with a remarkable wisdom

Arnold has influenced everyone in our team. He is truly a great a leader and mentor, developing everyone's potential and even exceeding expectations. His unique way of sharing his knowledge will keep you to yearn and learn more.

A humble man with a remarkable wisdom.

Thank you very much Sir Pal for the guidance and motivation that you have provided.

Van Quintero Senior Network Engineer

Arnold is a great manager, mentor, teacher ...

Arnold is a great manager, mentor, teacher, and guide. Your support and advice has helped shape my professional career. Thanks for being the best boss ever! Honestly, Arnold is superb human being. He is having:

  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Excellent planning skills
  • Excellent Training Room Skills
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Excellent Knowledge of subject matter
  • Excellent Documentation and presentation skills on networking domain

Thanks for being our manager and role model. We appreciate all the knowledge and skills you've imparted to us. Thanks for being a great leader!

Working under your leadership was a great chance for me to grow professionally and personally. Thank you for your support!

Dalli Narayan Reddy L4 Engineer / Team Lead

A reliable and trustworthy person

Arnold is a great person. I was given a chance to work with him where i did learned alot of good things from him. A cheerful and positive person to work with. As a friend, i always recognize him as my mentor who does provide a best guidance and support wherever needed. Indeed a wonderful person who always support teamwork and provide best of best that he have when it required.

A hardworking and passionate person who is always accountable for any given tasks despite the critically and urgency. A reliable and trustworthy person where he will not let anyone down at any point of time, but always motivates and taking things in a positive manner.

He always has his principle where he believes that "sharing is caring and lead by example".

Albert Anthony Network Delivery Manager